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Mission, Vision, People, and Core Values


To support the trustees in providing high quality benefits and services to members and their families as committed to in the collective bargaining agreements. We make significant contributions to improving members’ lives through our unique combination of talent, expertise, and commitment to educating, communicating with and enabling members to receive benefits.


To improve our members’ quality of life by administering essential and economical benefits.



Our capacity to achieve results is as strong as our people. We are committed to supporting, rewarding and recognizing the contributions of our employees.



The Benefit Funds is committed to supporting, rewarding and recognizing the contributions of our employees.  We invest in recruiting, developing and retaining employees - and in return we expect all employees to commit themselves to bringing initiative and energy to their work. Benefit Fund Trustees and the administrative executive team expect all employees to respect and support one another by adhering to the organization’s following core values:


FLEXIBILITY Staff members are open to different and new ways of doing things and are willing to modify their preferred method of working if doing so serves the best interest of the Benefit Funds.


INITIATIVEStaff members take active steps to improve the organization.

RESPECTStaff members help to create an environment of trust by treating all fellow employees, 32BJ members, Fund participants, 32BJ union staff and contributing employers respectfully.

SUSTAINABILITY Staff members approach their work with the intent of meeting the current and future needs of Fund participants, employers, the union and fellow colleagues.

TEAMWORKStaff members work collaboratively with colleagues.