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About The Funds

The Building Service 32Bj Benefit Funds is the umbrella organization responsible for administering Health, Training, Pension, Retirement Savings, and Legal Services benefits to Local 32BJ members. The Benefit Funds' office is located in New York City, with satellite offices in New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington, DC.

The Building Service 32BJ Health Fund provides comprehensive, affordable health benefits to 32BJ members and their dependents. The Health Fund also administers the 32BJ North Health Fund covering members working in the Bronx and the service trades. 

The Training Fund offers a wide range of free courses and seminars, ranging from Green Buildings to English as a Second Language, at 50 different locations, to eligible 32BJ members.

The Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund (Pension Fund) provides pension benefits to eligible members of Local 32BJ. The Pension Fund also administers several related Pension Funds providing retirement benefits to 32BJ members: the 32BJ North Pension Fund covering the Bronx, Westchester, the Hudson Valley and the service trades; the 32BJ/Broadway League Pension Fund covering Broadway theaters and other cultural, sports and entertainment venues in New York City; and the 32BJ Connecticut Pension Fund.

The SRSP offers self-directed retirement accounts funded by both employer contributions and participant savings through pre-tax wage deferrals. The Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan (SRSP) provides retirement savings opportunity through employer contributions and/or voluntary employee 401(k) wage deferrals, to eligible members of Local 32BJ. 

The Building Service 32BJ Legal Services Fund (Legal Fund) provides legal representation to covered Local 32BJ members and their dependents and to covered retirees and their spouses. The Legal Fund also administers the 32BJ North Legal Services Fund covering members working in the Bronx and the service trades.