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Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund

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Pension Fund

The Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund (Pension Fund) provides pension benefits to eligible members of Local 32BJ.

Pension benefits provide a guaranteed payment every month when you retire until you die. If you are married when you retire, your spouse may receive monthly payments after you die. Your retirement security depends on three sources of income: your pension benefits, Social Security benefits and your savings (such as the SRSP 401(k) plan ).
Are you ready to retire? Call Member Services at 212-388-3500 to schedule a meeting at the 32BJ headquarters with a Pension Specialist.

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Contact Us: 212-388-3500, or outside the five boroughs of NYC call 800-551-3225.

What Plan Am I In?

Your pension benefits are determined by the collective bargaining agreement or contract negotiated between your union, SEIU Local 32BJ, and your employer. There are several pension funds that cover members of SEIU Local 32BJ and each pension fund may have more than one plan of benefits, depending on how much your employer is required to contribute.

This is a general guide to assist you in identifying your pension fund and plan. Please check with your union delegate/steward, consult your contract or call Member Services 212-388-3500 if you are unsure of which fund may cover you.

Who is covered by the Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund:

Program A
In general, members working in residential and commercial buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are covered by Program A of the Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund.
Click here for more information about Program A.

Program B
Members working on Long Island in residential employment and some commercial locations may be covered by Program B of the Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund.
Click here for more information about Program B.

Program C
Some members working in New Jersey commercial buildings are covered by Program C of the Building Service 32BJ Pension Fund, a new pension plan started in 2010.
Click here for more information about Program C.

If you work in these areas you may be covered by a different pension plan

Westchester, Hudson Valley and the Bronx


Theaters, amusement, stadium or cultural centers in NYC

NYC Public Schools

Pension Plan
32BJ North
Pension Fund

32BJ Connecticut District Pension Fund

Pension Plan
32BJ/Broadway League
Pension Fund

Local 74 Pension Fund

Contact Information 212-388-3500

Contact Information
or 800-551-3225

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Contact Information

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